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Make Just One Change: With Oak Vanities With Natural Stone Tops

 At Bathrooms And More Store, we work to create the highest quality bathrooms for our clients. Our interior designers are often asked whether just making one change in a bathroom can transform it completely, or whether it is always necessary to change everything, in order for the design to work.

Our answer is that this depends on your budget, your tastes and just how much really needs doing. If the changes you want making are actually more than just cosmetic, i.e. you have a leaking bath or sink, then we would always advise getting the unit there and then, even if it is not part of a suite or style. This is because there are many ways that oak vanities with natural stone top can blend with your existing styles.

It’s certainly possible to just swap out the bath, or hand basin with another, similar style, without needing to buy a whole suite. Similarly, it is not always necessary to change the flooring – unless you want to.

But if you want to only make one change, then here are our two top tips;


Number one on any interior designer’s list is the lighting. This is because it is so often neglected in bathrooms, sometimes criminally so!

Our interior designers have lost count of the amount of aging strip lighting or single incandescent bulbs to light an entire washroom. It is dated, depressing, dank and also, on occasion, even dangerous.

It should go without saying that all electrical work should be carried out by a qualified electrician. So if you have got aged lighting or wiring hanging overhead, it needs looking at.

Changing the lighting is the one thing that can transform a bathroom instantly. You will probably not be aware of just how dark it was in there before. One light cannot possibly illuminate the whole space properly, but more than that, it can’t evoke the atmosphere you want.

Our approach to lighting is generally “always more”. This is because it is always possible to turn off lights which aren’t needed.

However, even installing one extra or a pair of lights in your bathroom can bring the ambience you desire. We suggest spotlights, to illuminate your hand basins, mirrors and bath/shower cubicle.

There is also tremendous fun that can be had with strips of LED lights, bringing colour and joy to your bath times!


If you are only committed to making one purchase for your bathroom and you’re having a hard time deciding what it should be, then we would point you in the direction of a vanity unit. This is because it can combine all the elements that your bathroom needs, into one handy unit.

And if you really want to bring all the elements of nature into equilibrium in your washroom, then what better way is there to do it than installing oak vanities with natural stone tops?

The combination of solid stone, carved into a soft and sophisticated spherical shape, with the warmth and light of oak may be all you need to add nature to your space.

We find that customers are frequently amazed at the difference that this one simple addition can make, even in second bathrooms, where space may be highly compromised.

The great thing about vanity units is they are designed to work in very tight spaces. Instantly, they combine together the hand basin, with the storage your bathroom needs. In some cases, they may also incorporate a mirror unit as well.

And if you have the space for more, then a double basin unit is the perfect solution to crowded family mornings!

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