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Spotlight On Your Bathroom And Kitchen

For years, we have tended to think that spotlights are mainly for use in the office, perhaps just as a reading light.

They conjure up an image of an old metal framed angle poise lamp, pointed glaringly at someone’s face during an interrogation. They are perhaps not our first choice for domestic use and certainly not somewhere as sensual as the bathroom.

But think again, because with the advent of badkamer led spots and badkamer led inbouwspots which are bathroom fitting LED spots lights, the spotlight has come into its own as a way of lighting your rooms – both warmly and in an ambient manner. And as for glare, forget it, because with these types of spotlights, there isn’t any.

The reason for rethinking the lighting scheme in your bathroom and kitchens is because it is something that seldom gets done.

When was the last time you changed the lampshades or light fittings in either of those two rooms, just for the look of it?

Probably never. The sad fact is that both the bathroom and kitchen lighting only ever get tackled when something breaks. Visit https://www.ledinbouwspotsleds.nl/ for more options.

Whereas householders are happy to spend a small fortune on new units and appliances for the kitchen, the poor old lighting rarely gets a look in edgeways and will trundle on until disaster strikes.

But you don’t have to wait until something stops working in order to refresh or update your kitchen lights. Inbouw led spots keuken (built in spots for the kitchen) are small and elegant recessed lights which bring light to your dark spots – and in a kitchen that can be plenty.

Inbouw spots are of particular use as overhead cabinet lighting, focusing down on a food prep area and specific task lighting.

As well as their numerous practical advantages – providing enough light to see by, an evenness of texture throughout the room and no glare – by placing them everywhere, down in the nooks and crannies not reached by “ordinary” central lighting, they can also make your room look bigger.

And cleaner. It is this enhanced sense of space – as well as light – which makes inbouwspot LED such a popular choice in the kitchen area.

So maybe now you are starting to come around to the idea of spotlighting for the necessary tasks in your kitchen. But did you also realise that these inbouw led spotjes whether for the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else for that matter, can also be made dimmable?

A lot of people certainly don’t realise that both inbouw led spots keuken and badkamer spotjes can be made dimmable (led inbouwspots dimbaar) and operated simply and effectively, even within the bathroom.

This gives the ultimate control over the atmosphere and ambience in both the bathroom and the kitchen, which has been previously missing in the past.

Because, let’s face it, not very many people have different layers of lighting going on in either space.

Hands up who has still got an old style fluorescent lighting strip in their kitchen – or bathroom? And who hasn’t got any other type of lighting in that room.

You are not alone. And we know that traditionally, it has been hard to add additional lighting to a bathroom, especially because of the water hazard and lack of sockets available to plug anything in with.

Once again, this is where LEDs come into their own. An LED bulb is more resilient to water splashes than other types of lighting – although correct guidelines must still be followed scrupulously as to whereabouts in the bathroom you install lighting.

All the same, it may surprise you to learn that lighting can be installed around the bath tub – carefully and under qualified advice – or even in the loo bowl itself!

These fun LEDs can change colour and have a sensor detecting movement, which can be quite a…err… help in your night time bathroom missions!

Remember, today lighting in the bathroom does not need only be about what it necessary, it can be about what is possible, stylish and dare we say it, even fun!

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