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Fresh Ideas For Your Smallest Room

Furnishings for a bathroom are a delicate matter.

Because it’s not quite as easy as it is to do in the rest of the house. This is usually because the bathroom is often the smallest room your house has.

This means it can be hard to get furniture to fit. There’s awkward nooks and difficult crannies to accommodate. And quite often, it doesn’t seem like there’s really anywhere to put things.

This can mean an accumulation of stuff sprouting up all over the place. It starts with your toothbrush being planted on the hand basin and next you know, your flatmates strewn panties are frolicking on the radiator.


This scenario never ends well, so if these, and other things you don’t want to think about, are beginning to invade your bath time, then it’s time to think about space saving solutions for your bathroom.


Take the humble sink. You might not think that there is much that can be done about it, but you would be surprised.

Storage can be managed quite easily under the basin, even in awkward places and tiny spaces.

And all this can be done with the simple addition of a bathroom vanity unit – or double units if you have a larger space, with two sinks.

The best thing about one of these is it is an inexpensive storage solution, which creates a handy place to put stuff. And you can choose between bathroom vanity units with drawers and the more traditional ones with shelving.

On the subject of traditional, oak vanity units start from less than you may think and can either be made to measure or purchased off the peg, for your hand basin needs.


Didn’t think the toilet could double up as a storage unit?

Even if it ends up just housing those spare loo rolls and the plunger for those um, occasions you’d rather not dwell on, there is always a purpose to a storage unit close to your most basic facility.

With a bit of creative thought, there is no place in the smallest room that can’t be transformed into a storage space – and all without anyone having to notice either!

In actual fact, a beautiful oak vanity unit over your toilet can turn the lowly lavatory into a veritable throne, on which you will feel proud to sit upon. Well, maybe, anyway.


What is the most obvious thing, crying out for accessorising within your bathroom?

The mirror of course! Every bathroom has one, no matter how small.

And if your mirror is a free standing wall mounted one without storage, then you are missing a trick.

We’re not saying throw your beautiful art deco mirror away, just maybe employ its talents elsewhere.

For the main focal point in your bathroom, what better than combining both a mirror and a storage solution, into one handy unit?

These old school type of bathroom vanity units can be either free standing, to accommodate the trend for separate hand basins, or built in, against the wall.

For smaller spaces, having a fully integrated wall unit works best, but free standing units can be made to work in even the tiniest of space, with a bit of perseverance.


The bath itself may be also accessorised to provide storage, for bathroom items, in much the same way as the sink can be. Admittedly you might have to get a bit more creative here, but the bath can be enhanced with some clever additions

Many people simply never think that the bath can be turned into a storage space – and so stylishly as well – but there a variety of solutions on offer, from simple MDF to more elaborate oaks and teak.

For a small space, accessorising the bathtub itself is one of the smartest things you can do to enhance the storage space in your bathroom, without adding any extra furnishings.

Did you try any of our suggestions? We would love to hear from you if so!

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